What hurts the most…

I can be okay most days.. Yesterday was tough… Today sucks as well.. No one comes home to me- I have no one to come home to.. No “good morning” text messages await me. No one cares if I slept well or not.. No one cares about ME. It sucks. It hurts. I have no one to take care of.. No one to check on. No one checks on me… I feel like the most forgettable person alive. I called him. I sent him a text message. But he doesn’t give a shit about me to send a text message- call- see how I’m doing. He doesn’t even care. Who does? No one. Why do I love so much? I don’t even want anyone else. Is it such a crime to want my husband to love me or care about me? I am the only one mourning the loss of this marriage. 

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