Mariners v. Rays

So, I took my son to the Mariners v. Rays game tonight. Can we say AWESOME?! I had no idea that baseball could be so intense! Haha… Seriously! Now, I admittedly know very little about baseball… So, trying to explain what was going on during the game to my wonderful little man, was TOUGH!! Hahah. And so many questions! In any case, we had such a great time. I almost allowed my cruel, soon-to-be-ex-husband ruin it. But instead I did not engage in his bickering, and finger pointing and name-calling. In fact, I will no longer engage. I am done trying. Done being his punching bag. I deserve love! I am not perfect but I need someone to value me as a person, flaws and all… ANYWAY!!!! Today… Today was great! We drove through Seattle, found the apartments in which I hope to reside. Downtown Seattle is INTIMIDATING to say the least. But I am pretty stoked about it. I have made up my mind to go.. With or without a man that doesn’t love me anyway. I KNOW that I will be okay. I can focus on my kids, and myself. I have already begun! And it feels great! Today was freaking awesome! Just me and my boy, celebrating his birthday 🙂 *sigh* Feels good to have done that for him, you know? Now to get my transfer in place, and that apartment secured!!! We will be all set! I am growing increasingly optimistic about my future without that man. He treats me like dirt. I can’t willingly allow that anymore. I won’t. Okay, as long nights go… It’s nearing midnight, and Cinderella’s already lost both shoes! So, goodnight moon! Until tomorrow.. Hopefully, I will sleep in past 5am… Oh, and today was good for another reason.. We can discuss tomorrow… I am worthy.. Oh! Tomorrow, I also want to discuss a book I am reading 🙂

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