Public transit

Okay, so I am all for saving the environment… I had to commute to Seattle for work today, and thought I’d help the environment by utilizing public transportation. This morning a gal sat beside and kept falling asleep, her head resting on my shoulder… Ew! Then this afternoon, listening to two older women discuss Game of Thrones… “I watch GoT all the time, I just love it! People say it’s the sex! It’s not the sex! It’s the blood and the gore! The sex is nothin’!” Uhm… Okay, haha… The sex was too much for me, so I didn’t make it past the second episode! Maybe the first- I can’t remember… Then, there’s the dude in tiny shorts, fake boobs, and fishnet stockings… Hmm… You know WHY people aren’t overly anxious to help the environment by utilizing public transit? Because there are a bunch of weirdos! It smells like pee. God only knows what you’re sitting in?! Homeless folks stinking it up. Oh, and did I fail to mention the freakin WEIRDOS?! I don’t even feel safe! Will I help the environment in this manner again? Meh… Probably NOT. That make me a bad person? Then, this fellow with the baby?! No carseat… He is just holding his noisy baby. I love babies! I love kids! It’s bad enough that there are no seatbelts on this rig, but a baby?! Without a carseat?! Is it even safe? Doesn’t seen safe to me… I don’t even want to breathe! Feels like I’m inhaling my death. Who’s idea was it to make marijuana LEGAL in Washington State? What hippie thought that was a good idea? Some of us are not 420 friendly, and don’t want to be exposed to it. So, this will be my first, and last, time helping the environment. My head hurts, and I have to go home and pack. Wish me luck!

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