Just a Broken-Hearted Girl

Beyonce’s song is the song of my life… Today I feel so broken-hearted… Brian was served today, and I begged him to try again. Like a damn idiot. I need to accept that it’s over… I just don’t want it to be over. I can’t accept it.. I still love him. I am so stupid! I am so mad at myself for being sad all over again. I am depressed. I stay close to tears, every now and then, they spill out of my eyes without care. I can’t even stop them sometimes. Why do I love him so? Why can’t I let go? Because I’m a glutton for pain?? Haha… Maybe. *sigh* I’m going to cut this one short. The kids are in here with me. If I keep typing, I’ll cry. I don’t want to worry them… 😦 The worst thing in the world is loving my husband… So not fair! 😦

                    I LOVE YOU, BRIAN!

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