Topic of Pastor Miller’s sermon this morning… “Turning enthusiasm into commitment…” You know, biblically he spoke about Peter, and how Peter was so enthusiastic about Christ, in Jesus’ last days. He was all, “I’ll die for you!” But Jesus was like, “Simon, Simon…” calling Peter by who he was, “Satan hath desired to have you… But I have prayed for you…” Jesus prayed for Peter. He didn’t say that he was going to stop Satan. He said that He was going to PRAY that Peter’s FAITH not FAIL him.THEN, the Lord called him by his name, “Peter” who he IS, who he BECAME. Satan sees us as we were, God sees us as we will be… Powerful?! Is it not?? Whew! Just typing that, I think I am coming into a new understanding that I did not quite get earlier in the day… See, I was going to discuss, in this blog, the enthusiasm, and commitment, as it applied to my current situation here and now! But what a thought! So often, I am reminded of who I WAS, not who I AM, or who I WILL BE. People in my life, want to remind me of who I was. Hold me down because of where I came from, keep me back. But they don’t know where I’m headed. They don’t know where I’m going! They don’t call me by my name! They don’t call me by the name that my Daddy gave me! They call me by the name that this WORLD gave me! But, oh no! I don’t answer to that name anymore! I’ve been cleaned! My sins have been washed away! I’ve been adopted into a royal priesthood! Can’t nobody hold me back! I have been armed for battle! I will come out victorious! Luke 22:31-32 “Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: 32 But I have prayed for you, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” WOW! I don’t know that I have ever read that passage. If I have ever even heard it, I don’t remember it. If I have, I don’t remember it interpreted that way. Let me tell you, This church I found is something. It is time to get fired up. Now is the time to get prayed up, to get right with the Lord, because time is short! I go to this church, and I feel like I can make it! I go and I feel like I can face another day, another week. I feel like my trials, are bearable! Pastor Miller speaks to my storm, he speaks to my troubles. He speaks to me. Wednesday, both Brian and I were enthusiastic about working out our relationship, but neither of us were committed. I do not know that either of us is willing to do whatever it takes to get our relationship on track. If he is willing, and I don’t think he is, then who am I to say no. Yet, if he is not, I will let him go, because I refuse to be the only one working at something that I don’t even desire any longer.

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