My mother would shame me if she knew that not only do I religiously read my horoscope daily, oh no! But I have FIVE – count them 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5!!!!! Horoscope apps on my phone, and one of them has a Tarot card reader (which I use daily – though I don’t exactly understand how it works / past, present, future). Anyway. Like everyone else in my life, even my damn horoscope is telling me to MOVE ON! Seriously?! “Something better is around the corner” “Don’t shed another tear Moonchild” “Sadness not depression Moonchild” Hah, okay… Sure thing *wink, wink* My poor heart. No one cares that it hurts. No one cares that it loves this man? NOPE! I need not love him. He doesn’t love me. But, oh, why does it hurt so bad? Because yesterday, after I didn’t try to text him all weekend, and when he text messaged about his surgery I sent a one word response, he called me. He didn’t even text, he called. Why? Because he’s scared that I finally stopped chasing him? What a sick game. I have stopped. I am too tired to continue on. My heart has been through the ringer. I let go. I can’t take anymore. Damn horoscopes. 

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