All he ever did was lie.

All I ever wanted was to believe.

How desperately I tried to believe.

I wanted to believe you when you said you loved me.

Believe you when you said you’d never leave.

Lies, lies, lies.

All you ever did was feed me lies.

Lies, lies, lies.

I ate them up by the bucketful.

You shoveled them into my mouth.

I consumed them, swallowed them, choked on them.

Now there is nothing left.

Inside I died.

I shriveled up and died.

My heart has turned to stone.

I have stopped feeling.

I have stopped caring.

You set out to hurt me.

You set out to destroy me.

I am hurt.

I will not be destroyed.

I will not be overcome.

It is better to feel nothing at all,

Than to continue to hurt.

All he ever did was lie.

I don’t care any more.

I won’t hurt.

I won’t feel.

It doesn’t matter.

Nothing matters.

I live for me plus three.

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