Wicked, wicked heart…

Sometimes I think I care too much… Sometimes, my romantic side runs away with my heart and leaves my brain in the dust! I forget that I’m not supposed to care. I forget that I’m supposed to move on, as I’m dreaming of the future. Thinking of what we will become, how I will help you… My heart remembers only loving you. My only remembers that you loved me. Why does it trick me like this? Because the “heart is wicked and deceitful in all its ways.” (According to the Bible anyway)… I want to forget you. I want to not love you. I want to move on – but then not. I want you to love me. But I know you won’t. I know that for the rest of time, I will be alone. It’s just life. It’ll all be over soon, right? (Not soon enough, eh?) I woke up sad, but still at peace. Not depressed either. 

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