And, here we are!

Another Friday is upon us… I hate Fridays! At least I have SOMETHING to look forward to! Plus, school is back in session, and I have homework! (That needs to be completed TODAY!) I don’t feel well 😦 I have a migraine, and a cold. Yesterday was really bad! I had to leave the Manufacturing Summit early! I finally took my temperature, and guess who had a fever?! Yup! ME! The kids gave me their cold, then I had go and get that darn flu vaccination here at work, like a dang retard… *Sigh* And with no one to care for me 😦 Haha, Jaide capitalized, and put herself to sleep super early! This time change, I tell ya! She still isn’t used to it! How long does it take?? Aren’t kids supposed to just – ADJUST?! Not Princess Floppy Bottom…

Wednesday night, I was doing my class thing, online, and I hear a knock at the door, or at least I thought I did. I ask the kids, everyone is like “No.” Even Jaide, who is sitting in the living room, by the door…” SMH. I look out of the peephole and BAM look who it is! Christopher Robin, lookin’ all pissed and pathetic. One endearing quality about that jack hole is that he always shows up. No matter what, he will show up, at your door: mad, sad, happy, pissy… He will show up… I allowed him to visit with the kids, while I went to my room and resumed class… *Sigh* Lets home peace can resume soon… He got married and became STUPID! Did he really think he and I would get back together? Can’t he just be happy with his choice? Take it from me Mr Booker, love your spouse, don’t look back on the past, or what “could have been.” It isn’t worth it… One day you will wake up to realize that you love what you have then realize that you have lost that one too… Then you have to begin again, or choose not to begin at all…

This morning, I got to work, and logged into my computer, and saw that Brian sent me a picture of my Mittens-shi 🙂 Pretty little kitty… I wonder if he ever found Izzy? I miss those kitties! But, they are gone, gone, gone! *Sigh* So much of life is all about loss… You have for such a short amount of time, then it’s gone! People, friends, pets, parents, children, childhood, spouses, lovers, jobs… LIFE… *Sigh* What a vapor… How can a pet bring so much joy to a person? But they do! They bring love, companionship, joy… Maybe because, they don’t leave you. Maybe because they don’t fight with you. Maybe because, when you get mad at them, and yell, all they want is for you to feed them, and rub their bellies, and scratch their ears. It’s so easy to make them happy. And making them happy makes us happy in turn… Why can’t human relationships be as easy? Or aren’t they? But we WANT to stay angry. We WANT to hold onto ANGER, and FEAR, and DOUBT, and HURT. We don’t want to be soothed. We don’t WANT to be made happy. Shoot, what I wouldn’t give to have my head scratched, my belly rubbed!!!

*Sigh* But alas, here we are… I am alone… There is no one to scratch my head, or rub my belly. No one to hold me at night, or care for me when I’m sick. It isn’t so bad. Like Anna says, “I miss the companionship, but I don’t have to share my bed.” No sharing the covers, I’m a cover hog anyway. I don’t think any of the two that shared my bed enjoyed it… I used to chase Brian all over the bed, trying to steal his warmth! Haha! He would get out of the bed and go to the other side to get away from me 😦 Haha!! I bet he rests easy now… I scarcely move in my sleep nowadays… Being alone isn’t so hard… I’ve been doing it, and will continue to do it until the good Lord………….

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