Could it be?

Do you believe in true love? Do you believe that love can overcome all obstacles? Do you believe that two people can work through their differences? Do you believe that after 6 months, and 2 days apart, a husband, and a wife, can come back together a live as one? Terri and Ken did it… Until the day he died… I remember her telling me, “Ken left me for 6 months once, and not because I wanted him to.” It makes for a stronger relationship, I’d say. It makes for a stronger appreciation of one another… As long as you both appreciate one another… As long as you both learn… I put my wedding rings back on, after 6 months of not wearing them. They used to feel like heavy weights on my finger. I think that I only notice them now when I look down at my hand… Last night was strange. I haven’t shared my bed with a man in over 6 months! I have shared with Jaide, and I have shared with Michaela – but not a man. This brings Beyonce’s lyrics to mind: “Are we gonna even make it? Oh. Cause if we are, we’re taking this a little too far… If we are… We’re taking this a little too far…” (Mine) Divorce is like a month away (or two weeks away)? I learned that I truly loved him. He says that he truly loved me too… I trust. Friends say “Don’t forget the bad he did to you!” “You’ve come so far, don’t go back!” Ultimately, it is my decision, I know. Ultimately, it is my choice. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks. Ultimately, I have to live with, or without him. Ultimately, I have to live with my decision. What will it be? That is the question? In a way, I am still unsure about the whole thing. I am skeptical. I am not too sure how I feel. I have been on my own. I have not had to answer to anyone. Sure, he said some nice things. “I want us to best friends and lovers,” blah blah… But, I’ve been planning for my future, a future without him. A future without a man in it. A future with only me, and my kids. I love him plenty, but I resigned myself to the notion that he was never coming back. I won’t question it. I will go with it. Too often, I question, I doubt, and ruin things. I will believe he is sincere. Friends always have our best interests at heart, but, it is he and I in this relationship. We will to navigate it ourselves with no outside influences. And, cross my fingers that he isn’t trying to screw me over! Hahaha!!! All love… He told me he loves me… I choose to believe him…

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