“Dios te bendiga”

This morning on my way to the Puyallup Sounder Station, I was thinking about “Mamá” (Juana Charón). She was Rosie’s great-grandmother. Went to church with her my whole childhood. The sweetest old lady I ever knew. She had really broken english, and mostly, she would just hold my hand in both of hers and say: “Bless you, bless you. Dios te bendiga. You okay?” I’d say, “Yes, Mamá, I’m okay.” She’d say, “Good, good. I pray for you.” And that would be our conversation Sunday morning after Sunday morning, Sunday night after night. Wednesday night after night. But you know, that woman, undoubtedly loved me. And she is gone. I don’t know why she popped in my head this morning, but she did. I am saddened, but also comforted by her memory. Her skin was so soft! Gosh, she was so sweet! It leads me to think of Brother and Sister Lesperance, and Sister Ramirez… Now, Sister Ramirez, I wonder if she’s still living? She was a sweet woman! Always would stay and pray with you. She would never pry. She always looked the same. Not a wrinkle on her face. Her husband rarely came to church. I wonder what her home life was like? He never looked happy, but she always wore a smile. Then, there are the Lesperence’s… The sweetest old couple I ever did meet. Both dead and gone. When mom and dad were going through their divorce, and I would cry, and cry at the altar, they would just sit with me. They were so kind to me. A true model couple. 

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