2016 Is Off to a Great Start

We are 15 days into the new year and so much has happened! Not to brag, but, I got a new job! It pays $11K more a year than I make now. I will be doing the same thing – maybe a little less, new company, better perks, and a new team – a cohesive team! I am thrilled about this opportunity! I plan to move closer to Seattle. As I can afford it now too, hehe. Oh! Also! I am doing this challenge thing, a savings challenge. My mom inspired me. Where she saves $1 the first week of the year, $2 the second, $3 the third… And so forth until $52 the last week. By the last week, you should have $1378 saved. I decided to take it a step further and save $10 the first week, $20 the second… This is the fourth week, and I put away $40. On top of that, on payday, I put away all of the money from the previous payday that I did not spend into savings. So, I am hoping that this is also the year that I really build up a savings, and get ahead. I pay my tithes, I do my best. Jaide is getting a birthday party this year. I am planning a family vacation this summer. Which I plan to pay for out of tax returns… But… I went into this year with goals. A clear defined plan. This will be MY year, with the Lord on my side. I know that I can make it. Things with hubbs is still… Well, it’s a process. Trying to figure it all out. It’s like he only wanted to get back together so I could pay all of the bills – HIS bills. But he is still a jerk. We will have a conversation this weekend… But, outside of all that! Life is good! 

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