Pump, pump, pump it up!

My kids know how to pump me up. When I am just feeling down and out, they pump me up! Not often do things go as planned in my life… However, my kids pump me up. Every night at the dinner table, they argue over who sits next to me. It’s cute, blows my head up! Haha! If no one else in this world likes me – loves me – thinks I am special/important, there are three people that think I am super cool, and vie for my attention. Three people CARE about my opinion. Three people want to make me happy every day. So, what can I do for them? How can I be a better mother to them? What can I do to devote more of myself to each of them? We have been running nearly every day. I have tried to not be so – work/school/church… With so many responsibilities, it can be tough. I love those kids so much! They think they have a cool mom… Cool enough to want to hang out with me any way… I need to be available to them. Mentally, and emotionally. No matter how well I think I am doing – I can do better! I will do better. I have to keep them pumped up as well! Pump, pump, pump it up! Pump those Booker children up!  


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