In My Spongebob Voice:

I am pretty excited about things in my life that are changing. I feel as though this divorce could not have come at a better time. One thing I remember the pastor saying is that God will hold our blessing back because we have people in our lives that aren’t meant to partake in our blessing. Not saying that blessings are pouring all over me or anything, but I feel good. I feel like good things are happening, or are beginning to happen. I can also feel the enemy trying to hold me back. It hasn’t been easy. It is not as though I am not affected by this divorce. I am. I am sad. Heck, today has been hard, yesterday as well. I have been having nightmares about him – about the situation. But I know it is the enemy. God told me “It is finished,” so I have let go, and I must leave my hands off of it.






I met a couple guys… A couple BEAUTIFUL guys. Not that I am looking, because I’m not. I am just trying to enjoy my singlehood… One is a recent college graduate. Blasian. Gorgeous kid. And, alas, our dear karaoke singing, anime fanatic is nothing short of a dreamer with no real potential. He would if he pursued a career in what he went to school… However, he is still a child trying to figure everything out, living paycheck-to-paycheck. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Then, there’s my old friend. The forty year old, former underwear model. Brother looks amazing! However, he is super pushy. That has always been my turn off with black guys. I’m like: No I won’t sleep with you, and aren’t you a bit old to be this thirsty? Oh well… It was fun while it lasted…

Then there is my old Army buddy. He just retired. He has a son, special needs (downs syndrome), age 11. He is going through his second divorce as well. Not he is worth mentioning… Because he isn’t. We’ve become close again. But not a significant type of close. A friendly – friend-zone close. We went for lunch one day, it was nice. We stayed much too long. He invited the kids and I over for dinner and The Walking Dead on Sunday… He’s going to cook… I shouldn’t go. BUT I wanna. Haha. Nah, it’s a bad idea… He’s not worth mentioning. Why did I mention him, or any male for that matter? Time to G.O. I am not desperate, nor do I want man in my life right now. Too soon… (Not really… I’m not even that sad about my divorce, lol… I think I’m already over it.)

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