What Are You Good At? 

I was listening to the radio on my way into work, and the announcer asked, “What are you good at?” Ask a kid what they are good at and they can name multiple things. I can run fast. I can jump high. I can listen to my teacher. I am a good helper. I am nice. I have friends. I can do the monkey bars. I do good at math. I can read. I can kick a ball. I can catch. I make people happy. I tell funny jokes.  And the list goes on… (These were just a few examples from my children.) Ask an adult however, and the pressure is on! I began this post at the end of September, and still cannot determine ONE thing at which I am good. Go figure! Perhaps it’s humility, maybe modesty… I mean, I’m good at stuff… Are they worth mentioning? Seems childish… You know?

If I were to answer that question honestly, I would say that I am a good mother. I do whatever it takes to care for my children. I’m a hard worker…

What I am not good at is asking for help. I tend to suffer alone, in silence. Though I’m a good friend, I do not make friends easily, and I have a difficult time trusting anyone. Chris was the only person I truly trusted, even after our divorce. After I lost his friendship, I can admit, I have not found another friend quite like him, and I do not think that I ever will. So sad. I am over him, but will never find a friend quite like him.

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