With Thanksgiving a day away, I reflect on that which I am thankful. I have so much to be thankful and grateful! For one, I am finally happy. I was finally set free from B.S. There is no ill will. I am just happy to be free. Two, looking forward, the future is very promising, although tomorrow is never promised. Three, I have three of the most wonderful children anyone could ask. I am almost done with school, my GPA is very high, and I have exceeded even my own expectations. God has surely kept His hands on my life. I cannot thank Him enough. Life is good. I do not always see it, I do not always acknowledge it, but life is good. My goals are being realized. I am doing what it takes to take care of my kids. Everything is falling in line, I should say. For that I am thankful. I think most of all I am thankful for the liberty and freedom I feel in my heart and mind. No more am I bound by lies of the enemy. Funny how people can be used as tools of the enemy. C’est le vie, I’m free. Never going to look back. Gone, forgotten. Mistake, chapter is forgotten. There is someone… Maybe?

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