Sis. Fugar

I just dreamt of Sis. Mary Fugar. It shook me out of a deep sleep. In my dream I was facing death. But she appeared, dressed in white, her hair was all white, she didn’t have on glasses. In fact, she really didn’t look like herself, but I knre it was her. And she hugged me, and she kissed me. I remember saying, “Sis. Fugar! You’re here? I didn’t get to say goodbye.” She didn’t say a word to me. All she did was hug me, and kiss me. And the bad dream disappeared, or I woke up? I don’t know. But now, I’m shaken. 

Often I am visited by the dead in my dreams. Maybe it is my wishful thinking. Maybe it is a way I comfort myself. Maybe I am psychotic. Whatever the case, her presence today rescued me from my dream death… Thanks Sis. Fugar…

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