Goodbye. Hello.

Tonight I had to see Brian, for the last time. We exchanged vehicles. He did more for me than I expected. He got the oil changed, cleaned the vehicle, filled the tank. As for me, I did none of the sort, left the vehicle with no fuel, it is well overdue for an oil change… He told me that he wrote a paper about the “positive influence” I had on him. Um… okay? Sure… He said he learned “a lot of positive things from (me), and church.” I told him that I learned a lot from him as well, as “may we never meet again.” I sincerely wished him the best in life, as well as success. He wished me well. He is still wearing those pathetic white shoes I bought him, and that weak jacket I bought him. I should maybe have given him clothes, but I tossed them all yesterday, when I cleaned out my storage unit.

I panicked, momentarily and asked CG if he was busy, he was leaving work but was ready to come to my rescue. When I didn’t respond to his text messages for about an hour, he was like “What’s wrong?” “What happened?” “Call me.” I did speak with Brian for about 10 or 15 minutes. It was good to end things on a good note, I think. The divorce will be final in less than a week. Then, I will be totally free. I already feel liberated.

Then, I came home, CG called, and we spoke for a while… We depend on one another for almost everything. He said that today… “I can always talk to you about everything. I’ve never been able to do that with anyone.” Haha, I should have let him come to me, just so I could see him, if even for a few minutes… JK… I do not think that I will begin a relationship with CG, at least not yet… We seem to be doing this, keep each other close thing… He still gets defensive over me hanging out with other people. LOL, Sunday we watched The Walking Dead “together.” Except, I was at my home, and he was his. He began watching 20 minutes prior (not sure how)… So, he kept giving me spoilers, but not actually telling me who had died. Finally, I told him to stop texting me, and I stopped responding to his text messages. When I did that, he told one person that died. Haha. So0o, I continued to chat with him. I’m a brat. *Sigh* Man… I just don’t know… What a day!!

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