My Christmas Eve

I spent my Christmas Eve at CG’s house, with him, his son, and his friends. It was a “Mexican Fiesta.” CG and I made flan together. He was like, “you cooking, this is going to be fun.” I do not do desserts, however, the flan turned out really yummy 🙂 Every liked it! It was a little awkward because everyone was coupled up, except CG and I… He was… Weird… He fed me off of his plate, and fork, for one. He was like, “Are you uncomfortable?” Me: “No, why?” CG: “Most of my other friends are anti-social.” Me: “I’m not like your other friends.” This after I am spending time with the other women, he stands besides me, and kind of whispers it to me. Did he expect me to be glued to his side? I’m not that kind of girl… I also didn’t come there under the pretense that I was his “friend.”  And just how many “friends” have you had over? fullsizeoutput_1a4fLOL, I’m just kidding 🙂 He was fairly quiet the entire time, sitting back watching… Watching me. It was a tad awkward for me, no lie. I feel like all of his friends were making their judgments. I definitely won all of the women over, which is a first for me. I think I won the dudes over as well… Not that it matters, I wasn’t there to impress anyone… I just wish he/we could be open about stuff and stop with the guessing… Maybe I am reading too much into it? Maybe I want there to be something where there’s not? I’m so confused. I don’t even want a relationship… His son was super sweet, and loved me. But, let’s be real, what kid doesn’t love me? He would get jealous when other kids would talk to me, or I gave other kids attention, and he would grab my hands, and make his sound for “no,” and try to lead me away from the other kids. Possessive little boy, haha. I got to hold a three-month-old baby. OMO! It was so sweet to hold a baby, and even better to give it back! I do not miss the drooling, the crying, the diapers, the baby-ness of babies… They are nice to hold for a few minutes, and give back to mama and daddy. No way in heck do I even get baby-fever. CG was like, “Oh no, look who has the baby.” I shot him a look, haha. No need to worry, I do not even remotely want a baby.

In any case, I had a really nice Christmas Eve. I have written CG off several times, but he just won’t stay gone. He leaves me so confused. MEN?! BUT, I had a nice time tonight/last night. It was worth not having much sleep before having an 18-hour shift. Already I am falling asleep, 8 hours in, 10 to go… Totally worth it. If given the choice to redo it, I would go to CG’s house, and celebrate Christmas Eve all over again. If only for those fleeting moments where our hands grazed while cooking, or the way it felt when our eyes met, or the way it felt when his eyes were on me. Okay… No more CG posts… Merry Christmas


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