This is so sad…

I waited, because I was afraid. So many times, I had opportunities that I let just pass me by… Me, and my fear. Fear of rejection, fear of the unknown… *sigh* Stupid fear! In any case, I sent CG a text message today, and he called me almost immediately, rather than texting back. He asked how things were going. How my New Year was, because I wasn’t at the party, he assumed I was with a guy – no stupid, I was at work, “Oh, really? I thought-” Why jump to conclusions retard? Just ask! In any case he tells me that he is thinking of dating some chic named Michelle. Who’s Michelle? And WHY? “I don’t even really like her.” And you’re thinking of dating her, why? “I don’t know.” I’m mad at you. “What? Why are you mad at me? We’ll still be us. No one likes her either. They all say she’s a 4 or 5.” What am I to do with that statement “we’ll still be us.” What is “us”? This is so stupid. Oh well. Another one bites the dust as I bid him farewell. We’ll still be friends at least. Plus, I’m not even ready to date. And I want to move away from here… Still, that should be me.

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