Why Am I So Nervous?

The kids are testing for their Advanced White Belt in an hour and I am super nervous!! They have been preparing for this, down to me having them forego homework to prepare… It’s intense! Haha. Oh Lordy, am I that Mom? Yikes! I am shaking! Something is wrong with me, haha. I am excited! I have faith in them. They can do this! 

Then, there is this funny thing called “life” that keeps tripping me up. Each time I think that I am fine, and over crap, it has a way of slipping in, and I falter. I am still just trying to find my way. I’m alone, not really lonely. Like, I know what I want, but darn it if there aren’t all these guys from I don’t even know… And, the ones that really trip me up, are the ones that I have known, that suddenly hit me up. And suddenly it’s “I’ve always liked you.” I’m like whaaaat the… You just trying to trip me up? Devil are you tempting me, because I’m a sucker for muscles? These stupid boys… *sigh* I don’t even know! Makes me nervous! 

I guess I am nervous for several reasons… Gawsh…

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