What a day!

So much can happen in such a short amount of time. I have been awake for less than two hours, and so much has already happened! Enough for me to wish I hadn’t woken up today, at least not yet! My phone has rang off the hook, text messages flowing in like crazy, and everyone demanding of my time. The issue I have is, no one that I wish would call/text are the ones calling/texting/demanding of my time. I’m sleepy. I don’t want to go to work. There is a stinky-diapered kid behind me here at tae kwon do. The kids are being disrespectful. Did I seriously wake up for this?! I am too cranky for this. I’m tired as all get out. I am not in the mood to be social with anyone. Not even the kids. Ugh! Lack of sleep is no good for me. Why did I take those extra days? What was I thinking? Then she asks me to pick up more days. Um, no thank you! Who am I kidding… I likely will pick it up, for the sake of the extra money – I have goals after all! 

I need to go back to sleep, and wake up again, and the day won’t be so…(?) Whatever today is! Pick your adjective: bad, stupid, hellish… 

Update: I spoke to soon… He called me… too bad I’m in class and couldn’t take the call… I’ll call him soon… Perhaps this day isn’t as bad as I thought.

Like I said: So much can happen in a short amount of time…

When I get my mind set on something…

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