I didn’t follow my gut… Why?

We all have those moments where we wonder, “What was I thinking?”  I may have those more than others…  I often walk into dumb situations with my stupid eyes wide open.  Then, I get to a point of no return, and I’m like: 

But, when you want something so badly, you – or shall I just say I, don’t want to wait for it.  I want it NOW.  So, instead of following, and trusting my intuition, I screw up, and wind up with regrets, over something that was hardly worth it at all.  Ugh – revolting.  I know what I want.  What I lack is patience.  I have – had hope…  Maybe that hope is waning.  

I’ll be quite frank, it takes more than hope to inspire me…  I need to see some action.  That is all.  Ugh…  what was I thinking…

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  1. Ah! I feel your pain! This is what God has been dealing with me on for some time! I’m struggling to wait. I hate waiting. I, too, am a RIGHT NOW kinda girl.

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