Happy Birthday to Me 

Thirty-freaking-one-years-old. Ugh. I did not “celebrate” my birthday – not really anyway. It’s kind of difficult when there is no one with whom to celebrate. My wonderful kiddos bought me a full set of the “Honolulu Sun” flavor body wash, lotion, hand sanitizer, and body spray. I was woken up with breakfast in bed, and a song from the kids… They sure know how to make a mama feel special!

I spent the day with Michaela, chaperoning her last 6th grade field trip. It was almost as bad as an all-girl sleepover. There were tears, arguing, laughs, girl-talk, instead of a pillow fight – dodge ball. It was a grand time! Then we went to the Mariners game. Had great seats, got great pics of my boyfriend (Ben Gamel). And, guess what! The M’s won. It was a great day!

You know, I purposely don’t have my birthday on Facebook… My eldest sis was the first to post, saying, “Happy Birthday.” Then an old friend and my uncle posted my age. I was like: Thanks jerks! So frustrating. Then, I got all these text messages, people in my inbox – private messaging me… RBJ happened to send me a text message – same day asking, “Is it your birthday yet?” Yep, today… No, I don’t want a present. No, I don’t want to hang out. No dates. I’m BUSY!

We share a birthday – many moons apart. We share a love of the Mariners, and used to work together. For the longest, I didn’t think she liked me – I’m guessing this is part of that Cancer thing. We are “moody, temperamental, yet kind.” Nice woman, she is… Has me wondering why all of the people I hang out with are over the age of 50… Ah well… The card I bought her was funny. It said: “It’s your birthday. HIP HIP” then on the inside: “Replacement! Have a great one.” Ahahaha sooo funny! I love cards. Ah well…

Eye candy? Okay! Nelson Cruz and Ben Gamel… Be still my heart!

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