In and Out of My Heart er – Life 

As if there is a difference?  CG…  All good/bad stories begin and end with CG, don’t they?  So, maybe I’m torn…  Who’s doing the tearing up?  Am I doing it to myself, or is he doing it to me?  A little bit of both?  I can compromise – I can be the queen of compromise – know what I mean?  “Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good place to start.  When you read you begin with – A. B. C. When you sing, you begin with – Do. Re. Mi.”  (Sorry, Sound of Music moment.)

Anyway, last Sunday – or was it Monday?  I was driving home from work…  CG calls.  I’m like, Aren’t you at work?  CG:  Yeah, what’s up?  Me:  I’m driving, I’ll text you in a few.

Guess he knows me well…  I had ZERO intentions to text back.  Not even five minutes pass…  How’s it going, how are you?  I wait ten minutes to reply, because I am still driving…  But when I do!  He is all over the familiar…  “How are the kids?”  Blah, blah…  All the while, tactfully escaping my questions about Michelle.  Not tonight.  I made him respond about her.  We will not pretend like she doesn’t exist, especially when he thrust her on me – caught me completely off guard and now what?  Boy bye.  Then, he sends me a YouTube video to an Enrique Iglesias song:  El Perdedor – (The Loser).  Not sure what he was getting at…  After I watched the video, I was like, “Aw, sad.  At least you have Michelle now?”  He was all victimized, like, “I have Michelle, but she wasn’t the one I wanted.”  But you did jerk.  Then he’s like, “I’m deleting these messages by the way.”  “Delete away.”  As if I care…

He only wanted to check and see if I was still seeing RBJ, no.  Why keep tabs?  You lost your forever chance.  And don’t call me while you still have a girlfriend.  You are not allowed to do this regret crap, when you are the one who went and jumped into a relationship!  Ijs…  (Drops the mic)

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