40 things to do before I turn 40

So, I decided that since I neglected to complete a “30 things before I’m 30” bucket list, I have to get on my 40s bucket list.  Luckily, I have accomplished some of the things that I wanted to do in my lifetime – before I got too old.  And there are some things that I will accomplish this year, and some things that I have hopes of accomplishing, some things I probably will not accomplish at all in my sad little life…  haha…  Ah well.  Seize the day!  In no particular order…  My list: 

  1. Go to Europe * (Contiki European Quest December 2017)
  2. Go to a KPOP Concert* (G-Dragon July 2017)
  3. Go to Korea
  4. Get my Bachelor’s Degree * May 2017
  5. Start a Master’s Degree Program Feb 2018 MS Human Resources Management/ June 2018 MS Human Services Family/ Community Purdue Global
  6. Back Hug (give/ get) <- should this be 6 and 7?
  7. Wrist grab (give or get?)
  8. Get a piggy back ride like in KDrama-land. (Don’t judge me, I want one.) * Thanks Bri,  Aug 2017!
  9. Meet at least one of my Oppas (SQUEAL)
  10. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
  11. Go on a cruise
  12. Go to Hawaii
  13. Go to Alaska
  14. Go to Canada * (December 2017)
  15. Get Lasik
  16. Get mani/ pedis regularly with girls (February 2018)
  17. Go White Water River Rafting
  18. Go to KCON
  19. Go to Mexico
  20. Speak Spanish (Fluently again) (beginningMarch 2018)
  21. Become a Season Ticket Holder for the Seattle Mariners
  22. Go to a NFL Game * August 2017 – Seahawks v Vikings pre-season
  23. Go to a Lecrae Concert (even if it is out of state)
  24. Start Tae Kwon Do Classes
  25. Join a Gym
  26. Read a book, and finish it * Proverbs, Isaiah, Job
  27. Exercise regularly
  28. Go to New York and see a play on Broadway
  29. Get a pet
  30. Buy a house
  31. Run a 5K
  32. Initiate a date – Kris Korsmo December 2017
  33. Make a budget and stick with it (is this two?)
  34. Create a savings goal (April 2018)
  35. Take a pottery class or glass blowing/ something artsy
  36. Do a “12 Days of Christmas”
  37. Learn to bake cookies from scratch
  38. Take a vacation with my sister
  39. Keep a journal 
  40. Make jam from fresh fruit

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