Talents and Gifts

We all know the parable of the three men with talents… yes? No? Maybe, I don’t know… Three servants were given talents by their master before the master went away… One was given five, one was given two, the other was given one.

The two that had more doubled their talents, however the servant whom had one, buried his. What does this tell you? I’ll tell you what it tells me… It tells me that those whom have lots to offer, have no problem sharing, multiplying and giving their gifts. This parable tells me that when you use the gifts that God has given you, He will give you the increase – we use that scripture for finances, but it is also for our gifts and talents (of this, I am a firm believer). It also tells me that those who don’t have as much to offer want to hang onto what they have so badly, that they often under utilize their gifts. To this end, the Lord will not bless the individual in this manner – on the contrary, the individual will be punished. If you do not use the gifts you are given, they will be taken away.

I never knew that I had any gifts, talents, or abilities that could be used for God, good, or anything! The older I become, the more that I use the gifts and abilities that the Lord gave me. I did not even realize that they were gifts. I have heard so many times, “You have so many talents!” “God has blessed you!” “I have been praying for God to send someone who had the gift to be able to do ___.” “Gifts” I did not know that I had. “Gifts” that I did not consider were gifts. It has been a rude awakening for me to realize that these things that are natural to me are gifts. Recently, I have used these for His glory. Who knew? The more I do for Him, the more gifts I seem to acquire… That parable in action…

I didn’t plan to serve God, and the church when I began. It has not only been rewarding, but therein lay my healing. I didn’t expect it. Who knew that my serving Him would end up in Him healing me?! I am so grateful! I try to give back all that He has given me.

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