You ever feel like when you pray, you are just hitting a brick wall? It’s like no one is there? You can’t even feel God.

For the past week, maybe two, this is what it has felt like whenever I have tried to pray. Admittedly, I stopped – save for the cursory prayers I do each morning, night, and before meals.

I went to prayer at church last night… I used to go every Friday! How many have I missed?? In any case, there is true power in praying for someone else. When I look past my own cares of life, my own circumstances, and can pray for others – how the Lord just rushes in!

But that’s His way, isn’t it? A reminder for me to love my neighbor as myself. To truly be Christ-like, I must love. Not some, but all men. A valuable lesson that takes me learning, over, and over again…

Why doesn’t love come natural to us? (Different topic – I think I’ll write a separate blog post on this one.)

Back to praying! I had hit a lull in my prayer, last night (an hour is such a long time!) and was just kind of sitting there, not meaning to overhear others prayers – but it gave me a “yes God touch her” or “Lord, bless that” you know? Well, I am startled – is that the correct word? At my reaction to overhearing “Lord, touch our law enforcement across the nation and the attitude towards them.” (Something like that?) I instead, because from time to time, like when I know he’s working, or someone teases me about him – began, “Lord, keep ____ safe -” I couldn’t even get his name out before tears, once again were pouring out of my eyes. I prayed for his safety – whether he was working or not, his protection, blessings on his life – what I could get out without tongues. That was… I don’t even know what that was…

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