Who is this child?

Ever have a sick feeling, like you just concentrate on anything, you are so sick? You just know something is off… Yeah, that was me, last night. I just knew something was off with my eldest. Who went to take a shower. A very long shower. I knock on the door and ask where is her cellular phone? In the bathroom. That’s unacceptable, and she knows it.

Random phone inspection! She had to know it was coming eventually. I hadn’t done one in a while… I had allowed her to have a SnapChat. She was only supposed to have me, her Aunt, her cousins, brother, and sister… As I approved, some friends. Well, she had some friends – and by that I mean boys. And lies to go with why she had them. I told her to cut the crap.

Moving on to her password protected diary on her phone. Yeah, I may seem like a jerk for reading, but when you find out your 12-year-old is “feeling sexy” and “omg I’m such a flirt so is Omero.” You soon do not regret reading the diary. When you find that she is so sneaky about seeing/ flirting with multiple guys, right under her dad’s nose, and is encouraged to do so. Then, she has touched a boy’s balls. She is sending these guys pictures. (SnapChat) She is staying up late at her dad’s house talking to these boys – SnapChat again. She is just making herself out to be a…

Last night, I sent her to bed without saying a word about what I read. I couldn’t. She watched me read – terrified. I told her that I was going to tell her dad. And I did. Sent him screenshots. Because all that stuff happened under his watch – except the stuff at school. Additionally, I take responsibility for giving her the phone. But we have talked about this… Man, I don’t know what to do, or say to her… Life as she knows it is about to change. That is a promise.

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