I Fear for the State of the Nation…

Oh beautiful for spacious skies; for amber waves of gray. For purple mountain majestically above the fruited plain. America! America! God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

What is happening to our nation? Every day something! Today, I wake up to discover one of the deadliest shootings here on US soil – in Las Vegas. A guynamedStephen Paddock, apparentlyacted as a “lone wolf” and killed 50 individuals, and injured 400 more as he opened fire from a hotel room above an outdoor music festival, where Country music star, Jason Aldean was performing.

Police allegedly found 9, long-neck rifles. Within minutes apart, I have read conflicting reports about Paddocks death. One said that he died from a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound. Another said that he died from police fire. So, as far as a motive – the world may never know…

Jason Aldean released a statement, however, that stated, “Stop the hate.” (And some other stuff.) But the gist is, this world is so full of hate! What possessed that man to open fire on a concert of people? I watched multiple videos… Some people said they thought it was fireworks. Some just “ran for their lives.” Some “just hid.” What scary times we live in.

Makes me never want to leave my house. Never send my kids any place. When will this be our last day in earth? Can I protect them? I am willing to die for them – but if they die before me… How will I live another day? This world is becoming such a scary place. I can’t bear it. All of the hate.

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