KDrama: The King Loves

Allow me to first say, I absolutely loved this drama! I did not think that I would like it… It took me a while to get into it… Yoona isn’t my favorite actress… However, I like historical dramas (after watching Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) and I love dramas that have those poetic reflections that mean something… See below!

This is from Crown Prince in the episode leading up to Royal Mother’s death… Episode 10(?)

My mother’s words planted seeds in my young heart.

And they grew to be a lump of thorns.

Just when I am about to forget,

The thorn would come to prick my heart once.

No matter how beautiful the flower,

Cherish it only to the point you can forget it.

And only give what you can take back.

So that you could turn back whenever you wanted.

So that you could abandon it.

Being clever about it.

I firmly believed that I was doing just fine like that.

I was wrong.

“No matter how beautiful the flower cherish it only to the point you can forget it. And only give what you can take back.” I feel like these are words to live by… I have loved and lost. I gave my all, and felt so empty after they left me. Had I only given what I could take back… Would I be this person that I am today?

After Royal Mother passed… Crown Prince said the following:

My mother loved peonies

Someone who would not smile not matter what would smile when she saw peonies.

She would also cry upon seeing peonies.

When I asked her she cried she answered thus:

It would have been better to have not known

That these flowers existed in the world

She should not have known

No matter how beautiful they are, she should not have liked them.

My mother’s words were etched in my heart for a long time, even in the end, I never got to understand them.

Why is it that I never once considered that I ought to be your peony flowers?

The seed that failed to become a flower became a lump of thorns.

Pricking those who neared me in my hiding, as it grew and grew bigger.

He learned later that his Father was her peony flower. She loved him dearly, and never realized how much he loved her in return… It was too late, a love lost. I don’t ever want to to experience a tragic love affair. Should I experience love again, I want it be true – not tragic. I want to shout from the rooftops (figuratively) my love… I don’t want to leave any room for guessing. So much is lost when there is a lack of communication. When we become a lump of thorns, and hurt those around us, it is out of fear… We are afraid… We all know, Fear breeds HATRED…

Then, Wang Rin… He had his own time to speak… I loved to hate and hated to love him… So complicated my feelings for Rin…

Since I was little, I was always one step late.

Not because I was slow, but because I was one step behind to begin with.

I preferred to watch instead of stepping up.

Watching you being happy, I would be happy too.

So I found that place to be comfortable.

One footstep behind.

This was at the end of the episode (11?)

Look after him like a friend, but do not try to be a real friend.

Crown prince will be king one day and he cannot have friends.

My father told me that, but I could not have known.

How a real friend and not a real friend differ.

At which point was I supposed to halt my heart?

I was always one step behind you.

In order to protect you wholly.

If I were to look elsewhere, I felt you would crumble in that time.

You were always anxious like that.

It seems I will now need to leave you behind.

I am sorry, my friend.

How difficult when a woman is involved… Although Rin describes himself as being “one step behind,” he was always one step ahead. In all actuality. He was a true friend until the end. They fell in love with the same woman. The friendship wavered momentarily. However… friendship won… Ugh even sitting here at the car dealership waiting for my oil change, I am close to tears.

Just from the look in her eyes I knew she was lying

We now are at least more than that

Knowingly, I was being deceived. You also knew I was pretending to be deceived.

That summer. We were practicing our farewells.

After meeting, I never once thought we would separate.

After meeting, you never once believed we would separate.

Neither did I.

Both the one above and below are Crown Prince speaking… We learned the true meaning behind the title: The King Loves. He became king only for a little while. However, he said goodbye to the two people whom he loved and cherished most in the world. They lived happily ever after. He lived… Alone. He did the greatest act of love.

I wish we got one lifetime as a rehearsal for our real lives.

To rehearse just once.

Then if I did, while reflecting on and considering it, in my second life I would find the right path.

Just once in life… if I could rehearse.

When I was a kid, I used to wish I was dreaming. I would wake up from my dream, and live life so much better! I would know what mistakes not to make. I would wake up and see my mom’s face over my crib… Hah… I guess I am still waiting to wake… Just once in life… If I could rehearse.

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