KDrama: Because This Is My First Life Episodes 1-7


I absolutely LOVE this KDrama so far! Some parts are extremely relatable, and the main leads are just so stinking adorable! I am HOOKED! I have been keeping some of their internal (and some external – mostly internal) dialogue/monologue… Since the first episode, because those are the “relatable” pieces I was talking about… Going to share them below…

Episode 1:

Yoon Ji-Ho (Jung So-Min)

“I just feel embarrassed to myself, at age 30 already; I can’t even decipher what a man’s kindness means. All by myself for 30 years, getting my heart frozen then melted. At 30 years old in a state of torment.I’m embarrassed in front of my own heart. Not even a 20-year-old. At my age of 30, I don’t even know what I’m doing.”

At age 31… SAME!!! LOL… I think I am allowing my heart to stay frozen…
Nam Se-Hee (Lee Min-Ki)
“Time is only the current moment… Because I’m 20, because I’m 30, because I’m 40 soon. The species that confines themselves into partitions of time like that, it’s only humans who do that. Only humans attack age as a weakness, to spend money, and cause them to spend emotions.
Great perspective… So0o needed that breakdown…
And then… This happened…
Episode 2
Yoon Ji-Ho
“No matter how close you are, there are sides of you that you don’t want to show.
Sometimes your family feels the farthest from you. My life is like walking alone in a dark tunnel, but I didn’t know it would be this dark I didn’t know it would be this lonely.”
“I want somewhere to sit down, whether it’s a manhole, or a pit.”
Okay, possibly one of the saddest scenes in the Drama… And completely relatable… I admit, I cried, because I have been there! So lonely! No where to turn, just utterly alone…
Episode 3
Yoon Ji-Ho
“I knew that it wasn’t exactly the moment where my heart should skip a beat.
Nevertheless, it was my first time to hear someone tell me I was needed.
All throughout my twenties, I worked hard in order to become someone needed  somewhere.”
“Why did I try so hard to live so diligently? When in the end I’d just go down without acheiving anything. The likelikhood of having a place a place that’s mine here, it never existed in the first place. That I am needed, the person who first said that to me, our proposal has begun…”
Tell me you need me, and look at me like that… Okay! I’ll marry you! Just kidding… It’s sweet – in KDrama-land… I’m a “Hopeful Romantic” and all, but you won’t win me over by needing me… Been down that disaster already… This guy from Monster has grown on me..
Episode 4
Yoon Ji-Ho
“Everyone is running towards something. If this now is us getting closer to the dream or if its us getting farther. I can’t seem to get a feel of it clearly. So, I was wondering how the ones who already went through it first are living.”
“Since the world won’t get better, of course my life will not get better either. Not for a better tomorrow, but in order to evade a worse tomorrow, it’s possible that that’s what I’m living for.”
Sometimes, you just accept the inevitable… A bit cynical, or realistic? I’m not sure… This is KDrama-land, so it will all turn out for the best… Maybe? I have watched some tragic dramas… No happy ending… She’s settling, they both are… I’ve settled before… It didn’t end well for me… Like in the Temperature of Love, Kyung said, people with no love lives live vicariously through the love live’s of those in dramas.
Episode 5
Yoon Ji-Ho
“I had thouth it was something easy: getting married, the meeting of your and my benefits, and perhaps the meeting of the heart-to-heart. This is something that is not easy that has begun.”
When reality hits, and they don’t match your expectations, you realize, marriage is not so easy. Boundaries drawn…
Episode 6
Yoon Ji-Ho
“I must have been mistaken 
Those words of yours made me think I could have those common comforts 
I thought I could also now say “our”
I was happy for a moment
I know why I’m mad right now
Because I started reading too deeply into this 
Because my pride was hurt
Though the reasons must be various,
One thing I’m sure of is…(What am I to you…)
That I’ve started to want to hurt you
Because the force of attraction between us was broken”
How sad. No communication exists because no one is comfortable voicing their true feelings – that would be a “breach of contract” after all. To want to be happily married… To have to remember that you cannot. How sad.
Episode 7
Yoon Ji-Ho
“We often misunderstand others. We can’t say that we understand how others feel. Instead we say that we also don’t even understand what others are saying. If we don’t try, we won’t be able to understand each other.”
All too often, we don’t even try to understand others. We assume the worse, and have no remorse. We walk around with hurt feelings, animosity, and never try to clear up our misunderstandings. We don’t try, and we will never be able to understand each other if we don’t try.
That’s all I have for now! Waiting on Episode 8 to be fully subbed!
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