No Lust November


I started following “Godly Dating 101,” on my Instagram, after seeing a post from a sister in my church with the hashtag #nolustnovember I looked into the comments section, as people, like myself were curious. She explained that she follows Godly Dating 101 and it is No Lust November. Intrigued, I began to follow them as well. I don’t date, but if I ever do, I want it to be the Godly sort of dating…

They post daily – multiple times a day, all posts, that I wish I had read years ago. Although, would they have meant anything to me? Probably not. I would likely have made the same mistake that I made. In a way, I think that I needed to make that decision in order to fully come to where I am today.


I saw this image on the sister at my church’s Instagram page, and wanted to give it TWENTY likes! So often, women, and men, treat their bodies with so little worth. 1 Corinthians 6:19 (KJV) What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? We are not our own, we are bought with a price! Christ shed His blood, and died on Calvary for us, so that He can live inside of us! Yet, we see fit to defile the temple of the Holy Ghost by allowing anyone into it, for a meal, a cheap date – if even that. We are more than that!


No Lust November! Some confuse lust for love. Those preconceived notions that we lie to ourselves and call “love.” Often times, we need to look again, reevaluate, and call it what it really is – lust. I have been in relationships that were purely based on lust. I didn’t think so, at the time. Perhaps, I wanted to believe that love would come. You tell yourself, “Attraction comes first, then love.” True love waits. No one that truly loves you will pressure you into doing something that you don’t want to do.

At my age now, I am told that to date, it is common place to have sex on the first or second date: you aren’t in your twenties, or some high schooler. I am told that you have to discover your “sexual compatibility” in order to decide if it is worth going out again. I was also told, not to expect anyone to be “exclusive” until we have had the talk about being exclusive – which we cannot have that talk until we have been seeing each other for upwards of 6 months to a year. This, clearly is not Godly Dating. And the reason why I choose not to date.

I don’t believe in these rules of the game. I believe that true love waits. I believe that dating me, involves exclusivity from the get go. I will have that talk. Take me or leave me – I know my worth. I do not understand the way of the world today. I won’t cave into it, even if I have signed my ticket to being single for the remainder of my days. Still, I haven’t given up hope completely… I am happy the way I am, and if someone should find me, that would make me happy too…


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