Social Media is Not for Me…

There was once upon a time, when I could not live without ALL of the various means of Social Media. I had to check my Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – in that order. All of this, as soon as I opened my eyes, before I thanked the Lord for a new day. Before, I rolled over to my husband (when I had one) to say “Good morning.” Before I greeted my children, made breakfast, got out of bed, got ready for work – Whoa No! I needed to keep up with the latest updates! So much could have happened between my falling asleep and waking up.

Then, I took a year long hiatus. Deleted my 200-300 closest friends. Had only family on my accounts. It wasn’t so appealing, right? Slowly, slowly, the number grew again. Kept it in the low 100s (at least below 200). Most of them are family and church people – I told myself. Wow, I’m starting to check these often, but not that often… Imagine my surprise when social media was the platform for evil, at another man’s doing, me, not realizing it, the victim. I deactivated the sources, deleted them from my phone – not initially though. I had to come to that decision on my own – it took me about a month. I kept Instagram, I have family, a few friends, Snapchat, only family… So, I kept those. I am not tied to those – rarely check those. It is so easy to “Unfollow” and “Remove” people without causing an existential crisis. So easy also to just leave “Requests to Follow” sitting there forever! (So they cannot keep sending them! Haha!)

I started following this page: GodlyDating101. From what I have gathered the leader of the page is a male in the US Navy. He seems to be rather young. He posts inspirational messages to singles about “keeping their purity” and “God’s timing” and random stuff. Some posts are okay… Others… I’m like ?? Perhaps because I have been married? Maybe because I am not a typical single, I’m a divorcée, I don’t know. I had to STOP following the page. It isn’t relevant to me. I like the idea, I just feel like to have a page like that, it should come from someone who is qualified to mentor singles – not another single. A married couple, for instance, that has made it through the hardships of life, and marriage. Me? Two-time divorcée, expert in what not to do!

1. When the man of God, and his parents, and your parents say not to marry a man, don’t!

2. Don’t get married because you don’t want to be alone.

3. Don’t marry a man that doesn’t believe in God.

4. If your gut tells you it’s wrong, it’s wrong!

5. Don’t marry a man that says he’ll kill himself if you don’t marry him.

Okay, back to social media! The other thing that I have discovered about social media… I follow celebrities that I enjoy in my different KDramas… And, it’s not just them – it’s people too! In a world of low self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness, why do we try to boost our egos with a million and one selfies a day?! I admit I take selfies, sometimes. I take pics of my kids almost daily. I have stopped posting them. It isn’t for the rest of the world. They are for our memories – which I print out in a book each year.

There are some aspects that you just can’t get around social media platforms. For instance, yes, I have a LinkedIn account which is up to date. I still have my Instagram and Snapchat. I recently got a Pinterest! Oh the possibilities are endless with crafting, but I use it very rarely! I don’t even know if you can have friends or followers on Pinterest, haha! I have this blog anonymously linked to a Twitter (would you believe I never had a Twitter before that?!) I am still learning Twitter… JK, I’m not that invested.

“In my own little world it hardly ever rains. I’ve never gone hungry or always felt safe…” ~ Matthew West, My Own Little World

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