Going on a Trip

The day is finally here! Here I sit, on the plane, headed to LAX, to meet up with MA, for a very LONG flight to London… Not that I’m complaining… I didn’t think this day would actually arrive! Rather, I didn’t think I would actually make it! Yet, here we are! Thank you, Jesus!

I have hopes for this trip, high hopes. After this trip, I will have clarity in situations. After this trip, I will be refreshed! I am going to start school, and be well on my way to a new career teaching. This trip marks a transition for me – a new beginning! Perhaps, many “new beginnings.” I have only to sort the distractions from the destiny.

CV hit me up not too long ago – distraction. I ignored his text – lose my number. KK – the dutiful neighbor, is watching my home for me, while I’m away. Wants me to make sure I let him know as soon as I return… Distraction. I’ll call him when I get back… RH hit me up last week, and today… And wants to get together when I get back… Possibility? Haha! This is when the Lord, face palms! I’m hopeless! ‘It’s the season – or so I’m told… talking about, “You popped into my head the other day.” Yeah right! But really? *twirls hair on finger*

I am unsure about this church thing… Maybe it’s everything in which I’m involved. I am needing to take several steps back. I think that’s the clarity I seek. Not necessarily “walking away” but where do I belong. I have no connection to anyone at that church, outside of what I do for people there… I’m not happy. I am overwhelmed.

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