Love Notes

There is always that one (or three) losers (but who’s counting) that seem to feel compelled to contact you every ever so often to find out if you have a man or if you want to go out. For the millionth time, NO! It’s been “no” for the last how many years? I ain’t changing my mind! Please move on, I’m not changing my mind!

I don’t understand men that can’t – or won’t take “no” for an answer.  It reminds me of my ex-husband who thought “No” meant “Yes, later.”  No means NO!  Why don’t people understand that?  What crazy school of thought corrupted your thinking to think that NO does not actually and truly mean NO, to think that you will WEAR a person DOWN if you are persistent enough???? NO!!!!

Hi, what’s up Jessy???  I’m sorry, what kind of text message is that?  Is this supposed to make me respond?  The urgency is the THREE punctuations behind my name?  Then, you proceed to invite me over, “You should come check out the new place.  It’s almost set up.”  Um, no, I never went over the old place.  Why would I come over to the new place?  You think I am impressed by what?  You have a house?  I plan on buying this year as well.  You have nothing to offer.  I don’t need or want you.  If I end up with a partner it will be because I chose to, not because I had to.

Then, you, and your stupid snapchat pictures.  Do I look like I want your stupid pictures? You send them, do I respond? Do I send a picture back? NO! STOP SENDING ME YOUR STUPID PICTURES!!!! I wish I could tell you that I have a man, and you would leave me alone.  I wish I could say I have a REALLY good man who treats me like a princess!  But, that’ll never happen.  So, in the mean time, leave me alone. I can’t even take no more!

Then, there’s you two… I could have loved at least one of you… But both of you pop up out of the blue… And for what??? Why? To confuse me? The one I could have loved, do you still have a girlfriend? Because, when you get possessive over me, and confuse me, it isn’t fair, because you played with me, and chose her… There is NOTHING wrong with me…  I can see a million things wrong with her, but then, I’m biased… You should be with me… But, you aren’t the one for me, I know that in my heart, but my mind… Especially when you show up and try to confuse me… And to you – young one… I never really gave you a chance… You’re cute, I just want to leave you there… You frighten me, if I can be honest… I could fall for you, and you could leave me… And I know that you aren’t even the one for me…  And what if we fall for one another, and you still aren’t the one? Because, I am holding out for one perfect man, who doesn’t know I exist… Who in all honesty is too good for me.  He’s younger than me.  I can offer him NOTHING.  And I know he is the one for me.  This is so dumb.

You know what does flatter me? My son made me this origami heart, for Valentine’s Day, and it had a wonderful handwritten letter on it was awesome it was so creative! He’s my Valentine all month! The letter says, “Dear Mommy, Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you so much! You are the greatest mom ever! Love Aiden.”  He is the sweetest kid ever…  I love my boy!

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