Facebook Life

I had a thought the other morning, I don’t remember why… But: What if life were like Facebook?

  • We’d never miss a birthday of a loved one or friend. I mean, Facebook tells you upcoming birthdays, on the day of, it reminds you of this friend’s birthday! Never miss a birthday! (This is a pro.)
  • What’s on your mind? Does anyone ask you that everyday – other than WordPress, that asks you to share your story *smile*. Well, I’ll tell you what’s on my mind! Oh, let me share this picture with you! Hey, I found this video! Isn’t this a cute meme? And, here’s the kicker! My followers/ friends, their friends (if I choose), or the World Wide Web (hello stalkers), can comment, 👍❤️😂😮😥😠 (react), and/ or share! (So, pro?)
  • Then, there is the timeline. Now, you can actually customize the timeline. You can decide who you want to see first (pro), who you don’t want to see at all (pro – but why are you fb friends?), you can keep up with the news (pro and con), friends can see your updates (on the fence), and you don’t have to go to anyone’s page! (con, I think) How does this relate to real life? You can truly be more invested in the people around around you – get to know them, their sense of humor, perfect stalking tool! Why must everyone share where they are, where they are going, check in, take pics of food? Sometimes the food pictures look so delish, I’m like, “I thought we were friends, why didn’t you invite me?” Or, “Man, why didn’t I join you?”
  • The “Friends List”. This baby tells you everything you need to know – how many posts you’ve missed (maybe you should go to their page). I mean, come on, how well do you keep up with even your closest friends? I’m the type of friend that can go a week without speaking, and we’re still good, right? With life happening, it has to be that way. Of course, if my friends needed me, I’m always a phone call away. It tells you who are your recently added friends, sent/received requests… You can manage/ categorize your friendships from here: acquaintance, family, restricted, blocked – blocked?

Blocked, I said it – there’s the trigger! I was having a conversation with my kids, made a sarcastic, off-hand comment: if life were like Facebook, we could just block (said person). I was convicted. My block list is actually empty. Effective 1/1/2018 at 12:04am. No one is deserving of being dismissed as though they are nothing. Aren’t we instructed to live peaceably with all men? We are not supposed to have offense or cause offense with or against anyone – we have to clear that up. I have personally been working on that since 12/31/2017 12:30pm(ish). It can be challenging, and it is completely necessary.

Facebook has become somewhat of a problem for me. The timeline is full of negativity, sadness, political agenda, and just things that bring a person down. Not all of it is bad, don’t get me wrong. I tried to clean up my timeline, however more of the same, only different appeared, if that makes sense. Just get rid of it, you say. I did that, but it’s the only way I have to connect with some of my family… I am a country apart from my family, and this is how I see pictures, share pictures, and keep in contact. That’s just the world today… I cannot control others, I can only control myself and what I choose to see. Life can be like that to an extent.

As we make choices every second of every day, right v. wrong, good v. evil, happy v. sad, calm v. anger, and the list continues… We come to crossroads often, needing direction. Is this the right way, or that? We reach points where we lose hope. Sure, Facebook has a great many quotes that inspire. I know a book, the book of books, meant to give hope to the hopeless, and has solutions to questions I probably have yet to consider… As I study the Bible on my own, and with my children, I am always inspired that the readings are relevant for right where we are – whatever we are facing, individually or as a unit. Hope is renewed. How great to see hope in the eyes of your children, where it wasn’t. Gives me hope to keep going when I’m not sure I’m actually helping or hurting.

Raising kids today is not the easiest thing to do. The battles they face – young – we wouldn’t have imagined, especially at these ages. Their minds are plagued with thoughts of worthlessness. This from children aged 4 – 18, with whom I work, my own children are not immune. My heart breaks. So many don’t see the battles our children face in and outside of the home. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places. So we much teach our children to put on the whole armor of God. Our weapons of warfare are not carnal because the war is not carnal. We have to cover our children. How long do we have to read about this child or teen attempting or completing suicide, due to cyber bullying, or bullying at school? Why are they going live, and no one even tried to call for help? It breaks my heart. Story after story. When will it end?

I think where we went wrong is, to some, Facebook is life. The amount of reactions, comments, etc… really matter. The followers, friends (that they don’t know) really matter. These teen girls and their “boyfriends” from Africa?! They send them nudes! No, no, no! Poor girls, didn’t your mother warn you? Why didn’t you listen? There is a way to deactivate cameras, set up restrictions – or better yet, do they really need a phone? If they do, how often is it reviewed? I don’t consider myself a helicopter mom, others might. I know what’s out there. My kids will make their own choices and mistakes, however for as long as I can protect them and their purity, I will – I must.

In any case, I’ll end my rant here…


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