Generation “Why”

I went to a seminar yesterday… Imagine my surprise to discover that I am indeed a “Millennial.” Wait, are you sure, let me look this up. Millennials are 1982 – 2012 for those that didn’t know. But wait there’s more! I was also informed that I am a Generation Y’er. Whatchu mean?! Yup, 1980 – 1994… As I live and breathe, you truly do learn something new everyday. And here I thought I was a Gen X’er. Wrong! They are 1965 – 1979. And we all know prior to that Baby Boomers…


I always saw myself as “an old soul,” born in the “wrong era.” However, broken down for me, by generation… I have come to the realization, I am totally a Generation Y kid! Allow me to explain…

Of the Gen X’ers, who did not want to be like their parents. I like to think the X is synonymous with DENIED! They didn’t raise their Generation Y children the same way that they were raised. They wanted to afford them opportunities that they did not have. In doing so, they neglected, or denied, many of the traditions, teachings, with which they were raised. They allowed their Generation Y children opportunities to question everything. Because as the Gen X’ers were in the midst of denying everything they were taught, and were trying to “find themselves,” their children Generation Y’ers, had many questions, beginning in the home.

Generation Y’ers are faulted for “not wanting to purchase a home.” Why would we when we have seen our parents or other Gen X’ers go into foreclosure? Besides, who wants to be tied down like that? We are faulted for not wanting to get married? Why would we, when we see so many marriages that are unhappy, ending in divorce, and cheaters. Some of us went down that road, guess what, unhappy, infidelity, divorce… Why get married, it ruins a perfectly happy relationship. We get faulted for not wanting children. Why, with so many unwanted children in the world. Some of us can’t even take care of ourselves, isn’t it responsible to not bring another human into the world? We are faulted for not doing this and that – when we were never taught. The world is changing. Get with the times!

I didn’t realize how much of a Generation Y’er I am truly, until I was having a conversation and found myself asking why… Then it hit me… I am always asking why. I ask God “Why?” I ask my kids “Why?” I always have to know “Why, why, why?” I need the explanation, I cannot just take your word, oh no, tell me why. #generationwhy But didn’t we Generation Y’ers produce great things? Facebook, Uber, Air B’n’B, UberEats – it doesn’t get any better than these! Right?! If we didn’t ask why? And seek explanations, seek significance, would the world really be this connected? I dare say not! I mean look at MeetUps, EventBrite, so many positive things! Blame or thank Y’ers for the protests, but hey unlike our parents, and like the Boomers, we advocate for ourselves…

Not everyone fits the exact mold of the “classic millennial” or “Generation X or Y’er.” I mean, I have children, I don’t protest… Still, I am a Y’er to my birth year…


Now, we Generation Y’ers that have that have children gave birth to Generation Z’s. Generation Zombies! I am no exception. I have three zombie children. What is does it mean to be Generation Zombie? We know that they are technology savvy, they live for social media – why do I consider them Zombies? They feel nothing! They are using other means: self-harm (cutting), drugs (marijuana, pill popping)… Not to mention the sleeplessness or constant sleeping. Then, there is the nonstop use of their electronic devices, phones, game systems, and tablets… Am I leaving anything out? These poor kids are truly turning into zombies. They don’t feel anything… I have to ask myself, Why?

What have we done as Generation Y’ers to our children that has made them like this? We also have not wanted to be like our parents, and have afforded our children access to the latest technology… But, along the way, did we lose the chance to give love? Is it because we, ourselves never learned to love? In turn, our children are suffering? We Generation Y’ers grew up with Gen X’er parents that were self-involved, trying to find themselves, while neglecting the teachings/traditions of the past – including showing us how to parent, and have loving parent-child relationships?

Generation Y’ers have classes such as “Love and Logic.” I have never attended, but I have referred parents to these classes… Why the disconnect? Is this why Generation Z lacks emotion? I am curious to see how they evolve, what develops. I work with children and teens – now the parents as well. Working with my own children proves to be more of a challenge. Why? I hate to see them in pain. I don’t know what to do with the lack of emotions – it is terrifying! It simply is not normal if you ask me! I pray for wisdom, I seek understanding. Hopefully, I am able to raise my children with lots of love, and not screw them up in the process.

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