“Shoot Your Shot”

How about NOT!?

Okay, I admit, I’m late to the game – this “It’s 2018, Shoot Your Shot” game. I saw it on Twitter, some guy posted it… He said something like, “Shoot Your Shot, but it’s only going to last two weeks. If you’re okay with that, Shoot Your Shot below.” I didn’t get it… It had a LOT of comments, I didn’t bother to read them…


So, rewind to my weekend in San Diego with my brother before he deployed, I went to see him off. Anchors away my boy! So, we’re in the elevator going up to his floor, very much not a couple. And some guy won’t stop staring at me. “So, you get a lot of noise on the top floor?” I look at my brother. Do you? I wonder. Valid question. “No, not at all,” my brother responds. “On the fourth? I get a lot of noise. Blah, blah, blah.” My brother holds the conversation. How long is this elevator? Stop staring little man. My body language anything but welcoming – arms folded. Blank stare at NOTHING. “Okay, have a goodnight guys.” Did that little creep seriously just check me out?! My brother laughs. “He wanted to Shoot His Shot, but probably couldn’t tell if we were together or not.” Disgust. “Well, I’m glad he didn’t, I would have hurt him in front of everyone in the elevator.” As if women are prey.

I won’t even get into the other boys that attempted to Shoot Their Shot. I declare it’s like the Hunger Games if you’re a single woman! (I had no idea!) Instead of being poor Rue, who met an untimely end, when she was indeed shot… (Image below borrowed from Oliva Wilkes Tumbler.) tumblr_inline_n3tz7yfF3l1r0blyq

I see myself as Wonder Woman! I am AMAZING with a shield, deflecting those shots! Even the tricky ones, that tried to catch me off guard! You should see me! And, I would love a sword! With just a sword and a shield… Hmm…


Wonder Woman Image borrowed from Google

Even Wonder Woman can fall for a Soldier… But, let’s not go there… Did I really hug the man? Hugs are nice. And he was a Marine… Need I say more?! And, so cute! So out of character for me. *Sigh* I can’t even remember his name… He didn’t have me at “hello.” He had me at, “What’s your middle name?” Who asks that question, EVER? No one asks that question! He didn’t offer to buy me a drink, but let’s go do something fun. Umm… Are you in my head?? I was told, and now agree, that a first date should not be coffee, but something active, like bowling, put-put golf, etc… Now I can’t even remember his name… 

Fast forward a little to the week I got home! What a week!? The Shoot Your Shot saga followed me home to Washington! Say it ain’t so?! I wish it weren’t… So, as if that week wasn’t one of my most trying weeks… I guess it was also, “Let’s Try” week – and with PERSISTENCE!

#1. I haven’t spoken with in over a year. Called me 6 times. I did not answer. I did send a text message saying that I couldn’t speak, what’s up? No response, only calls.

#2. Snapchat pictures everyday, sometimes multiples. WYD? He asks. No response. Take a hint.

#3. Do you still have a girlfriend? Because seriously, let’s not play this game. You kinda hurt me.

Mid March: the saga continued. I had a brief conversation with #1. I figured he wouldn’t stop calling otherwise. We are good. Maybe he’ll lose my number now. 

Mr. Snapchat is still sending pictures, videos, chats… and I am still not responding. Does he think I’m playing hard to get? I should probably just tell him to back off. Because, I am not playing hard to get, and I want to be clear.

Then, #3… *Sigh* I have no words. I haven’t brought myself to ask about his girlfriend. Not that I care. We’re just friends. When he asked me personal questions, I ignore them, we can chat as friends… That’s it. Line drawn! But why do I feel like I am not really in control of the situation? I don’t have to be. I just have to be in control of me. 

Present Day: #1 did not lose my number. He is ever so curious why I don’t call him, if I am seeing anyone, would I like to sleep with him?! Seriously. “No, I’m not seeing anyone. NO, I’m not interested in sleeping with you.” Why not, I’m decent. “I’m not interested, and I don’t sleep around.” Maybe after that conversation, he will lose my number? Although he asked me to “text him sometime.” I will not. I also will no longer respond to his messages/calls.

Mr. Snapchat is still snapping. I did some Facebook snooping – since I am rarely on there, and discovered that he has a girlfriend. I have yet to respond, but when/if I do… I am thinking about asking about her… Maybe that will stop the Snaps, and the, “I’ve always loved you,” “When are you gonna come see me?” And the Snap videos of stupid love songs on the radio. As if! The only reason I watch is because I hate having notifications… I haven’t figured out my values/beliefs yet on unfriending on Social Media… I think I just need to have a conversation… 

#3. You hurt me. Yet, here you are back in my life, popping up out of no where. First, it was just text messaging, now calling… I wonder if she is still around? I wonder if you are single now. I can’t bring myself to ask. I don’t want to know. Plus, where I thought – never mind…

*Sigh* I don’t like the way things are going in this dating world… Shoot your shot, those crazy expectations… Good thing I am content being on my own… If only my singleness didn’t have to shine so brightly! It makes you automatic prey! Maybe it doesn’t shine, but rather it is a scent? Whatever the case, I wish it weren’t so obvious! I suppose it could be worse:


Image from Bok Joo Twitter. (Loved this K-Drama – Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)


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