Each Day Has Meaning

Maybe it began April 10th, National Siblings Day, when my sister posted a collage of all of us on Facebook. Me the ever questioning Generation Why’er that I am, decided to look it up. Is it truly “National Siblings Day”? Is that really a thing? Yes. In fact, it does not end there! There is a National Calendar with 5-6 “National” items on most days. Some have only one, like today, April 16th – National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day. But this is for the entire year!! Who knew?! Me – dumbfounded! My kids – inspired! “Mommy, let’s write it on the calendar and celebrate something every day!” Umm… Sure! Why not? Each day is important. Each day has always been important. But maybe it isn’t easily seen.

I was unable to wear my pajamas to work today, I thought I would attempt to dress comfortably, however. Beyond the “National Days” selected throughout the year, I learned something. Each day has a meaning, a purpose. Some days have more than others. That purpose looks different from day to day, even if similar. National Oatmeal Cookie Day isn’t the same as National Peanut Butter Cookie Day! Some days they are simple, some challenging, sometimes I simply did not understand the meaning behind any of what was listed. I mean, how was I supposed to know what: National Random Acts of Lights Day meant? Still, it doesn’t negate the fact that each day has a purpose. Each day has meaning. Each day is special.

This is true of each of our lives. Our days have meaning – they have a purpose. We don’t have to discover it on a National Calendar. Sometimes, we may need someone to guide us to discovering the purpose for that day, however. Still, each day has meaning. I woke up this morning a tad bummed that I didn’t get to wear my pajamas, wanting to dress comfortably. Then, I remembered where I worked. I have a new job. Although I can wear what I want, most dress nice. Wasn’t I excited to pull out my nice clothes again? So, away with the National Calendar (for today), and on with my actual purpose for today. What impact will I make today? Will this day see me live my life to the fullest, fulfilling the purpose that this day has set before me, however great or small? Or will I cave under pressure? Will the load, the burden seem too much to bear? Will I ask for help, or allow myself to break? Along with the purpose of each day is an opportunity, a chance to begin anew.

Sometimes all you can do is get up, breathe, and hope for a better tomorrow. If that’s where you are, I pray you never stop getting up… When we stop trying, we stop thriving. We are destined to thrive and flourish. We all have a purpose. The purpose of each day is to get us closer to that destination. Setbacks, stumbling blocks, failures, falls and all… Each day is what we make of it… Win or lose, make of it what you will. I choose to make each day the Best Day Ever (in my SpongeBob voice) as I search for it’s meaning and purpose specific to me.

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