Life Experiences

The kids, they have a difficult time finding anything positive in each day, I just don’t understand? I complained.

Keep in mind, you’ve experienced things that most haven’t.

Of all of my psychology classes and on-the-job trainings, how could this simple concept never become so blatantly plain to me? Is it because I try so desperately to separate myself from the traumas of my past? I’ve moved on, they don’t control me. Must I think about them? I try to lead a life that allows me to appear just like everyone else. But what does that mean? I’m not “like everyone else.” No two people are the same. We each have unique experiences that shape us into the individuals we are today – ever evolving.

Two people can grow up in the same household, and be completely different from one another. Isn’t this true of my siblings? We are all so very different… But, that’s not what this post is about…

Me, as an adult, two abusive marriages, the military – my deployment to Afghanistan. I had a well-rounded deployment. Being a female medic, I didn’t know what I was really getting myself into when I joined, deployed. The day I landed in country, I was sent down to the Horn of Pan-j’way – Zang’a-bad Province. There I joined 25th ID. SSG Bale’s killing spree. Trauma’s. Patrols. Convoys. The Role 3. Trauma beds. Ramp Ceremonies. Purple Heart Ceremonies. Losing my Marriage Overseas. Rape. Can’t the list from Afghanistan alone, go on and on?

Looking back over my life experiences, yeah, I glory in each day! I am grateful when I wake up each morning. I am blessed when I see the moon and the stars, or the clouds in the sky. I am thankful for the rain, the sun. I am thankful for it all. Even on my worse day, I can find something positive that happened that day, because, I didn’t have to be here! Because driving to work, I left the house late, but on my way, BAM collision just occurred, delay. Now, I’m really going to be late. But as I pass it, I see a vehicle knocked off the highway – that could have been me! As I pass the scene and pray for the individual(s) in that car, I am overcome.

Our different life experiences shape the way we think, shape the way we process. Where I can easily find a positive just in the beauty all around me, a new accomplishment no matter how big or small.

Sometimes, I need a friendly reminder that not everyone has experienced war. So, yeah it may be difficult for my kids to glory in each day, and each moment of every day. I can set an example of how to find positive moments throughout even tough days.


It was a little difficult for me to smile after our baseball game was rained out! On a positive note, we can use our tickets at any point this season.

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