Footprints on the Heart

Some individuals come into our lives for a season. Some are just passing through. Some individuals are meant to stay for a lifetime. Then, there are those, whether near or far, who leave lasting footprints on our hearts. – “Footprints in the Heart” by Daniel J. McNeil👣♥️

Looking over my relationships, past, current, recent… I realize that some individuals that I thought were meant to come into my life, and stay a while, were only meant to pass through. They were meant to teach me a lesson – about myself, about the world, about life, love, forgiveness. Now, they have drifted away. They are a faceless name or a nameless face. Still, somehow didn’t they leave an impression on me? Whether, or not, they exist in my memory, the impact they had on my life remains, some place inside my heart. 👣 ♥️

What of those close friendships, especially those that drifted apart and eventually faded away? It is truly the strangest phenomenon, that the parting was never in malice. They happened so gradually, I cannot recall if either of us really recognized the shift in the relationship – if we had, would we have tried to save our friendship? Once inseparable, practically twins, now perfect strangers with only memories. The memories we have, the footprints we left on each other’s hearts… None can erase. None can replace. But wasn’t it just a tiny imprint in the vastness that would become our lives? I often wonder what would happen, should our paths cross again? Will you know me, and I you? 👣 ♥️

Through life’s experiences, I have come to know individuals who’s footprints appeared to have been swept away, and some are definitely here to stay. It always seems as though the unlikeliest suspects are my most kindred spirits. Those most near and dear to my heart, I have come to find, are individuals with whom I never imagined I would ever have anything to do, or in common. Honestly, in some cases, I am not even sure what brought us together, but the love I have for them now, the special place they have in my heart… It amazes me! 👣 ♥️

My ex-husband has a tattoo on his arm that reads: Loyalty makes you family. I used to find it down right dumb – a mistake of a tattoo (like the tattoo I am having removed – Hello Teapot, I’m a Kettle). He had to explain to me that “family” is not just DNA. To him it is loyalty. I can respect that. To each his own, right? Now, I love my natural family! And, there is whole other set of family to which I was bestowed. Precious gifts from God. I will never forget, in my loneliness, crying out for friends – which I actually have – and He told me “I’m not giving you friends, I’m going to surround you with family.” Well, I was expecting my natural family, Hah! I have no complaints for how my Father has blessed me! I had a work to do before he blessed me. I heard, obeyed! I also have my natural family (who are far away) and my spiritual family (who are near). God is so very mindful of our every need! 👣 ♥️

These individuals range from coworkers – past and present. Whom have invited me into their lives, homes, and I have done the same. We share sisterly connections. We share a connection words cannot explain. We are there for each other through ups, downs, my broken heart, or his. My children-less friends dote on mine. For the one with a son, he cares about my kids, I care about his son – we’ve never crossed the line, which is why he’ll maintain a special place in my heart. 👣 ♥️

Then, there are those, who chose to love me, who saw something in me, that I could not yet see, I was only beginning to discover. Be it the love they display, the nuggets of wisdom shared, the way they cheer me on… Maybe it’s the way they pick me up when I fall. Or the way I know that I can truly be myself, flaws and all and they will still accept me. They showed me how big my heart can truly be. They showed me what love really is. They showed me how deserving I am of love. And for all that and more, the footprints they have trodden all over my heart are far, deep, and wide. 👣 ♥️

Sitting with my godmother, listening to her speak about praying for my godfather, I am moved. If I had but one more chance, I would pray like that too. I don’t let the tears fall. Footprint on my heart. Sitting with my other godparents at dinner on their 35th Anniversary, he says, “Of all the years, this is the best year. I love her too much to lose her.” I took a picture of the two, sent it to them both. She says, “I just love it when he smiles,” smiling ear-to-ear. He calls her by name, “You sure are beautiful!” Footprints on my heart. I find it so sweet, after 35 years of marriage he calls her beautiful, and she still blushes thinking of how handsome he is to her. How I long and lament that it wasn’t in the cards for me. Although, how sweet it is to witness this beautiful scene. I don’t let them see the tears that welled up in my eyes, nor do I let them fall. 👣 ♥️

We know that not all footprints are always the positive kind. For those, we must attempt to sweep away the negative, harmful footprints with all our might. This may require assistance. Most assuredly, this requires love and forgiveness. I have found the more I love, the easier I forgive and there is no room for negativity or bitterness. For love truly covers a multitude of sins. 👣 ♥️

For the friends and loved ones that were in my life for a season, they impacted me in some way, shape or form. Though the names, faces may have faded, and though the footprints may be not be as profound, when you entered my life, and when you faded away, you left still, your footprints in my heart. 👣 ♥️

I love you today, just as I loved you yesterday. I imagine my heart will love you tomorrow still.


  1. Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.
    Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and embrace our silent dreams.

    -Footprints in the Heart
    Book by Daniel J. McNeil

    💕Heart touching book💕

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