Mother’s Day 2018


First and foremost, I want to thank my children for granting me the wonderful opportunity to become a Mommy. Had it not been for those three, I would never have known the joys of mommy-hood. I would never have understood what it meant to love someone I had never met so much! I would never have realized the strength it took to do something that I was certain was impossible. I would never have realized the superpowers that my Mom really had. To operate on little to no sleep, while caring for multiple little ones – even one baby takes special powers. The sleepless nights, the dirty diapers, the drool, ugh the drool! The food in my hair, and yours… The teething, we cried together, didn’t we? Each of you different from birth ’til now. Each of you growing, ever changing… Thank you for making me your Mommy. I couldn’t possibly be Mom, Mother, or Mama to any other kids… I heard tell someplace that we choose our parents… I don’t necessarily believe that… What I do believe, is that God hand-picked my three especially for me!


To the babies I lost, I grieve you. I know that you are safe in His arms, and we will meet again. I regret never having the opportunity to hold you, love you, be your Mommy too. I think about you, from time to time. Your time with me did not last very long, I didn’t realize that losing you would impact me for so long. Still, I am caught off guard with the realization of loving someone, I never had the opportunity to meet. For surely, my dears, you were, and are still, loved.

IMG_2436I give honor to my Mama. Growing up, she was the most beautiful woman in the world to me! I wanted only to look like her and be like her! Mama was a nurse, I wanted to be a nurse. I was a medic in the Army, close enough. Until I realized that it wasn’t my calling. I hung on her every word. The sun rose and set in Mama’s eyes to me. I must say, I loved her yesterday, I love her today, and forever. My beautiful Mama. You are in my prayers daily, I hope you know how much you are loved and honored.

The next Moms I want to acknowledge are my Sisters! In case you don’t hear it enough, you are both WONDERFUL Mothers and great friends! Your children, and I most definitely call you blessed. Not just this Mother’s Day, but each and every day, I wish you the best. I wish you love. I wish you your heart’s desires. I pray the Lord’s blessings on your lives. Who knew, when we were children, we would grow up to become Mothers. Not just any kind of Mother, but Mothers to Daughters. I ask you, dear Sisters, what kind of legacy do you wish to leave to your daughter(s)? I thank you both for your encouragement. I thank you both for your love. I cheer you both along your way – down your separate paths. You are great Mothers. Don’t let anything discourage you, or anyone tell you differently!

The first person here in Washington that made me feel like family, and moved me to tears with the simple statement, “I’m proud of you.” Who later adopted me as her goddaughter, and accepted me and my children into her family, is my next Mother to honor. She gives of herself, she gives of her time. She shares her wisdom. I selfishly enjoy her company. She sees a potential in me that I am just beginning to tap into. I appreciate the love, care, concern, she displays, and nuggets of truth and grace she shares. I consider myself blessed beyond measure. Thank you for being a Mother to me. Thank you for choosing me. I truly love you!

My other godmother, you truly “get me.” Not many people “see me.” I was moved to tears one night in your kitchen as we spoke, heart-to-heart. The things we have in common, despite our age – many. The ways I wish I were like you, yet you said, you wished to be like me? You have a strength that you have only to realize, a strength I lacked. I admire you, I look up to you. Thank you, for seeing me. Thank you, for letting me in. Thank you, for loving me, and showing me what it means to have family.

The next Mother I would like to honor is the wife of my Pastor. To me she is the Proverbs 31 Woman incarnate. She exudes love and grace in all that she does. The way she loves her husband, the way she loves her children, the way she loves people, the way she loves! I have only to desire a portion of that type of love and grace in my dealings with others. I strive to be the same manner of woman, each and every day. Your children, natural and spiritual, call you blessed. The attention and care you give me I appreciate. You have opened your heart to me, I know in my heart of hearts that I truly am family. To speak life into me, to pray over me and my children, I am moved. Thank you, I love you!


To my Aunt who buried my cousin at the tender age of 23. My heart goes out to you. No Mother should bury her child. My world crashed down along with yours at his passing three years and three days ago today. That surely was the worst Mother’s Day of all. I lament with you, I pray for you, I weep with you, I love you. To wake up and face each day takes courage. The strength that can come only from the Lord. His voice in lyrics, his face in pictures, his essence in our dreams. I pray we will meet again one day, on the other side. My heart, for you, bleeds. As he said, “The future is promising but tomorrow’s not promised.”

To the Mothers, named and unnamed, I honor you all. Whether your children are still at home with you, grown and gone, in the arms of Jesus, or you did the inconceivable, and buried your child, I honor you. I personally never knew that being a Mommy was going to be such rewarding, challenging, surprising work. No matter the age, no matter the stage, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Happy Mother’s Day 2018.


  1. मेरी आंसुओं को
    आंचल में पिरोती है
    माँ संसार मे
    सबसे अनमोल होती है
    इस माँ के लिए सिर्फ एक दिन???
    मैं किन शब्दों में बयान करूँ
    माँ – क्या होती है????

    “जिसके जीवन माँ नहीं उस से पूछो माँ – क्या होती है”

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