Shopping For “?”

No joke there I was deli section at the grocery story, impatiently waiting for someone to wheel their cart out.

Oh, it’s a guy. Not bad looking, a little shorter than my usual. No wedding band. Did he just smile at me?

“Excuse me, I’m sorry.” Eye contact?! He definitely smiled. Me? Weeelllll, sort of smiled – a teeny one.

That’s when it hit me, as I looked around, the store was filled with wedding band-less men! They say that the grocery store is the #1 place to meet women… How do they know anyway? I mean, I suppose so? I’m shopping for ice cream, gelato, salad and fruit… He’s shopping for “?” Who cares, he was in my way, then I saw him in the pet food section – buying food for his cat…

They say, never date a guy with a cat… I wonder why that is? I don’t know, but for 1/3 of women, the cat is a deal breaker. Is having a dog better? A snake? A tortoise? What is an “acceptable” pet? None, my allergies? Nah, they aren’t that bad, I like pets… Would not go to “sir’s” humble abode, so it would not matter, right? Getting ahead of myself, I didn’t even smile at the dude.

So, do people go to the store searching for a date? I used to think it was church… Where do people meet? Not that it matters to me. It doesn’t. I’m happily single… I just had to think. Someone said to me today: There are so many people in the world searching for someone, yet they are all alone, why? For the third time in my life, I didn’t have the answer. (JK, I often do not have the answer.) I reminded “married her” that I too, am alone… Difference I think is, I am single and not looking.

Anyway, I was leaving work today, listening to Talk Radio, and there was a segment with a professor from Boston College. I didn’t catch the beginning to know the name of the class, but this professor – Professor Kronin/Cronin(sp?) had First a required, then optional, extra credit assignment where the students had to ask someone out on a date. They had two weeks to ask/complete the date. The person who asked for the date had to pay. The date had to cost $10 or less. There could be no alcohol or drugs involved, and should not last longer than 90 minutes. Something like that anyway… I recorded it from an AM station on my phone while driving #staticky

The idea behind Kronin/Cronin dates are

  • Go after what you want. You are interested in someone, ask them out!
  • Enough of the “Hookup Culture,” go on a real, live face-to-face date! (I think they had to ask the person out in person as well.) What, you mean actually speak with someone, sans alcohol?! Yes! It can be done, trust me, I’m not a drinker.
  • Reflect on how it felt every step of the way… There was actually a couple that was married as a result of one of these dates!

I think the idea is pretty cool. Would I do it? No way! Although, I heard it right before the grocery store… I was even thinking about it as I walked inside… Only, I was contemplating asking someone – who I would never actually ask on a date.

Ah well, dinner is calling me! Cheers ♥️


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