Sometimes, life is like walking around with your sock slipping down in your shoe, and you can’t fix it. That is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. Or that itch you cannot reach inside of your cast. Ugh! The horror!

There are times in life, we don’t realize how uncomfortable we truly are, until someone mentions, “How uncomfortable for you.” Like that commercial with the gal that had the nail in her head. Granted that wasn’t the point of the commercial, but still! Or like you didn’t realize a bee had landed on you until someone says, “Don’t move!” Suddenly you feel a thousand little bug feet all over your skin. Why did I type this before bed?

People have been telling me that I am running from an uncomfortable situation. All the while I have been like, “No, I’m not uncomfortable. I am not running.” But when my sister commiserated with me and my situation, and stated, “How uncomfortable for you.” I realized and admitted to myself that, yes, I am uncomfortable! It’s like both of my socks have slipped down and I have a nail in my head! And you know what, it’s okay, that I feel uncomfortable. It is a natural reaction! Who wouldn’t? There is no shame.

How did she do what no one else could? I’ll tell you. She created a safe place for me to talk, to divulge the ugly things – those uncomfortable experiences. It’s those ratty shoes that are causing my socks to slip down, that I am unable to fix. But she created that safe place to remove the crappy shoes, and fix the socks. Not everyone – not just anyone – can/ will do that for you.

It doesn’t really matter what or who makes you feel uncomfortable. What matters is who or what made you feel safe. We must be intentional about creating safe places for our children, families, friends, acquaintances… How many have to hide – whether they realize it, or not? It should not be so. Having that safe space, I feel less uncomfortable. Knowing that there is someone praying for me – praying for that situation, I feel that much lighter.

Matthew 11:28 (KJV) Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


  1. Very very good point. It is not a shame to be uncomfortable in given situations……it is only natural. Feeling uncomfortable is an indication that some realignment needs to be done to create the comfort needed to flourish❤

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