Growing up, I was that kid that who really was a good kid, for the most part, however, I can admit that I had a difficult time with obedience. You’re probably wondering, how can you be a good kid who had a “difficult time” obeying your parents? We had many rules that really made no sense. I can follow rules that make sense, easy-peasy, but rules that did not make sense – I took my chances with the consequences. 

As an adult, one might say, I have similar struggles – not to such a high degree, I was in the Army after all. *Smile* Whether on the job, demands of society – for me to buy-in and (I’m not entirely sure that “obey” is the correct word) follow suit, I often need to know the why behind the what. I give this courtesy to my children.

I have come to learn, with my walk with Christ, in my relationship with Him – that the more our love grows, the more intimate we become, the less I ask: Why Lord? And I just do what He tells me to do. I just go where He tells me to go. There is no question. I just obey. I don’t want to miss a beat. I realize that this walk is the most exhilarating and scary (in a good way) thing that I have ever done. It is, by far, the best relationship I have ever had.

When I prayed the prayer: “Anywhere You lead me, I will follow. Whatever You will have me to do, that I will do. Anyplace You tell me to go, I will go.” I was not prepared for what would come next. I had plans for my life and He had plans for my life. Long story short, our plans were not the same – still, I obeyed.

When I prayed the prayer: “Let me see others as You see others. Let me be slow to anger, quick to forgive. And let me love! Let me love others as You love them. Let me love my enemies, those that have hurt me, those whom have used me…” Imagine my surprise when He had me humble myself and apologize for any offenses I caused, and also forgive without an apology – but isn’t that His way? Doesn’t He forgive us freely? As a result, I have seen, over the past six months, relationships changed, developed, renewed. It is not His will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. When I recognize the soul… The state of the soul, how could I not have compassion?

When I think about how He went to the suffered and died on the cross, all for the sake of forgiveness. All out of obedience. I am humbled. How costly was the price of forgiveness, yet how free it is. I can forgive easily, because I am forgiven.

I am working on the obedience thing. It is not always easy to do… Hey, I’m a work in progress! I’m learning not to question: Why? or Are you sure? or Who me? Self-doubt strong!

Obedience and Faith go hand-in-hand, don’t they? We have faith that when we obey, everything will ________? Fall into place? Work out? In truth, who knows! Sometimes, we do not know anything at all. Sometimes it isn’t even for us… Lesson I am learning.

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