I love catching up with old friends – for the most part. I was much more prepared for the question of: “Are you dating?” That I knew was sure to come – it came much later than expected, still it came… I am super proud of my response: “I’m just enjoying life. If God has someone for me, He will reveal it to me and him, and I’ll date that guy. I won’t date just to date.” The response: “You always had that special spirit about you.”


This is the Quote of the Day from my Lysa Terkeust Daysprings calendar… To think, that “sometimes God gives us two or more choices that would all please Him and be in His will. We get to choose.” So, are you saying that when a) and b) seem right, maybe they really are, I don’t have to ignore them as too good to be true, I can choose one?! God loves me so much that He would allow me to choose?! Yes! PSA: I don’t have to stress over who to date, or if/when is God going to send me someone! Not only can I trust the Lord to figure that out for me – if it is in His divine plan for me, but He just may allow me to choose! Now, that choice may be to date or not to date. I don’t really know!

Another way I take the quote, because NEWSFLASH my life doesn’t revolve around dating… Sometimes in life, we are faced with making decisions. Of course we always want to make the right choice. Of course we want to be in the will of God. Sometimes the right choice is right in front of us, but we never make a decision, for fear of failing. It’s my belief that to do nothing is far worse that making a mistake. I have never made an error that could not be corrected. And I have made plenty of mistakes… At the current, I am painfully correcting one that will take the better part of a year to amend… Ugh… the process… But, I believe it will be worth it in the end! 

One element that I fear is often overlooked, is the element of human choice. That is HUGE! You see we are impacted by not only the choices we make, but at times, the choices that others make can impact us. That impact, depending on the situation, can be positive or negative. Conversely, our choices can also impact others – positively or negatively. Of this we must always be aware. It’s tough stuff when you are impacted by someone else’s choice. We really can only control ourselves, how we choose to respond, and the depth of the impact of the other person’s choice on our life. Once upon a time, I allowed another person’s choice to dominate me and nearly destroy me. You see, when you can’t draw the line between their stuff and  your stuff, that’s when you need some additional assistance! I did. Choice is funny like that…

When my children argue, because “He won’t stop looking at me!” or “She won’t leave me alone!” I try not to let them see me laugh to myself, as I remind them, You have a choice in this matter, on how to make yourself more comfortable here, because you can only control yourself. I talk them through – or eventually the lightbulb clicks on, that *ding* I can go to another room or I can ignore that which is bothering me and it will stop. (It always stops – take away the stimulus, it’s no fun.)

We all have a choice… At every age, at every stage. We all have a choice. No matter the situation – you have a choice. Maybe that thing was done to you – how you respond from there is your choice…

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