What they don’t see, when they’re talking about me, are the tears that wet my pillow, as I cry myself to sleep.

What they don’t see, when they’re talking about me, is the way my shoulders slump, as I try to shrink away.

What they don’t see, when they’re talking about me, is how hard it is for me to mention it to anyone, for fear of shame.

What they don’t see, when they’re talking about me, is that I am starting to believe the words they say about me.

So they keep talking…

Junior High has been such a challenging year! And the school year is not over yet! My heart is aching for my daughter – she has struggled the better part of the year with bullying. I teach her, as the Word says, to love your enemies, bless those that curse you… But, it’s so hard to hear her cry herself to sleep!

As women, girls, we have to get it right! Why slander one another, when society does a fine job of that, must we do it to ourselves/ each other as well? Too often we see young girls attempt, or complete suicide, on account of bullying. When will enough be enough?

I work to build up my children daily. What do you do, when they leave your covering and the message that they receive tears them down? No one said this would be easy. God can make something beautiful out of this. I have only to trust and believe, as I guide her through this tough time, that it is all apart of His master plan… We have only to endure the process. As we know the process can be painful, that is where we have the lesson.

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  1. What an amazing conclusion to arrive to in such a difficult situation as a mother. To still teach the Word when life hits so hard in such a personal matter. To conclude that God will work it for the good if we trust Him and endeavor to do as His Word instructs. We must teach our children to love themselves and stand for themselves as God does love and stand for them…..and at the same time not to do evil for evil. That can be sure enough tuff. But at the same time pray for wisdom how to dismantle the enemy’s devices against them. You are a great mother full of wisdom and grace.

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    1. It is a very challenging situation, yet He makes all things beautiful. As parents, we have a responsibility to our children to love them as Christ loves them, and teach them the love of Christ. Praying for those that hurt us work compassion in us. And allows God to fight our battles.. Building her confidence and asking God to show her how He sees her – is both our prayers, as we pray for her and her bullies. She will be okay! Mom just has to leave it in God’s hands! He’s already working on it!

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