Going Home

In just over 24 hours, I will be going home. I was last home two years ago, but I was careful not to see or be seen by anyone from my past… But now, on the wake of dire circumstances, I’m going home. I haven’t told my parents to expect me, I would much rather give them a pleasant surprise.

I knew the day would come, when I would have to go home, face my past, face the people who hurt me, face the people who loved me, but on whom I turned my back… If only I had come to myself a bit sooner… Maybe I would not have to say Goodbye like this…

However, stubborn I am, I wait. As though I have all the time in the world, I wait. Why do I wait before it’s to late to say those things I longed to say, and they longed to hear? Why live with regrets, unrealized until time is up? If everyone loves you once you’re gone, why did you spend so much of your time alone? Waiting, wishing, hoping…

I am a swirl of emotions. On one hand just trying to get through these days, because life goes on. Does that make me a bad person to say? On the other hand, if I could just do nothing, that would be alright too.

As much as I feel a pit in the bottom of my stomach, there is a feeling inside that just needs to GO HOME…

They say “Home is Where the Heart Is.” I am sadly leaving three pieces of my heart behind with their Daddy (Father’s Day weekend, after all), but I am going to a place that taught me about life, love, Jesus, friendship, heartache… I am going home to see FAMILY – natural, spiritual, extended, and new… I’ll hug my Mama, my Daddy, my sister, my nieces, nephew, aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, Pastor, friends… I’m going home… I’M GOING HOME! Now I just need to pack!

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