Live Loved!

Are you Living Loved? Truly Loved? To “Live Loved” seems like such a simple concept, yet it’s such a challenging thing to accept… In a world of low self-esteem, rejection everywhere you turn, and innumerable disappointments from every angle… How do you Live Loved, really?

Well, let’s break it down: Where does love originate? God is love. Isn’t this where we should begin? To know God is to know love. To love God, is to experience True Love. Would you agree? In my experience, this is the only way to truly Live Loved and this Love is a beautiful thing.

Why is it so difficult to accept? My children, bless their sweet hearts, are learning to Live Loved. Like their Mama, they have a difficult time accepting Love. Sure, they will give love all day – they are super sweet, but to accept love that requires nothing in return… I’ll be the first to admit, this made even me uncomfortable in the beginning – I know that I’m not the only one… My experience working with troubled teens has taught me this much.

Why is this so? As I tell my kiddos, when they struggle with self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness – the battle is in the mind. Last night, speaking to one, I was genuinely curious, Who told you that you were nothing? Who made you feel this way? (You aren’t supposed to question like that, but I just needed to know. Can we address this head on, or is it a matter of prayer?)

That’s when it clicked, that’s when I got it! The challenge to Live Loved each and every day. A facade of vain superiority in front of peers, while crumbling inside. I had to ask, Don’t you think it’s okay to smile, your smile is beautiful? I also asked about the examples that have been set before and what kind of person my child wants to become in the future, and be now… And then, Don’t you know that you are loved?

Why does love move us, when nothing else does? I say, I love you, at least 50+ times a day to my children and do my best to show it. Yet, I realized, last night, for the battles they face, my love is not enough. God’s Love is everything. For them – anyone, myself included, to love ourselves, feel loved, and Live Loved, we must bask in the light of His glory. We must accept His Love for us. As we accept His Love for us and we in turn love Him, we learn to love ourselves… Only then can we truly Live Loved.

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